Why Muzeus rather than opting for the development of my own application?

By choosing Muzeus instead of developing your own app you will save a lot of money - Muzeus is offered in different cost-effective plans. With Muzeus, your tour will be available the second you have created it. You can then modify it as you want at no extra cost. Unlike a custom app, you do not incur any development costs whenever a new iOS version is released; you are always up to date!

How can I create a tour on Muzeus?

Once registered in Muzeus, you can use our tour builder web application. Add your logo, your informations (address, opening hours, description…) and create your tours. We use the term “Exhibit” to refer to a tour. Within each Exhibit you create “Items”. An item can either represent a physical artefactin your museum, a stop on a historical site or any point of interest. For each item, you may add descriptions, images and videos to enrich your visitor’s experience.

Do I need programming skills to build a Muzeus tour?

Absolutely not. Muzeus tour builder is an intuitive and easy to use web application; anyone can build a tour without difficulty.

How long does it take to create a tour on Muzeus?

It depends on the number of exhibits and items you want to create. If you already have collected all your texts and medias, a few hours will be good enough.

Can I update/modify my tour once created?

Yes. At any time you can modify your tour with the tour builder web application. Modifications will instantly appear on your app once reloaded.

Do I need to publish my app once created?

No. Muzeus is not an app builder. With Muzeus you create a tour that will appear within the Muzeus app. As soon as your tour is created, it is available in Muzeus.

How do visitors use Muzeus?

They first download the Muzeus app on their smartphone. They select your institution (Museum, Heritage Center…) within the app and are then ready to begin their visit. Throughout the visit they select “Items” from the list or scan Muzeus QR codes to access detailed information about each item (voice overs, text, images and videos).

Can I use my own voice over files rather than the text-to-speech voice over?

With the Pro version, yes. You will have the choice of using automatically generated text-to-speech voice overs or your own audio files.

Can my tour be multilingual?

Yes. Right now you can create tours in either or both English and French. Other languages to come

Can visitors see my tour at home?

Yes. With Basic and Pro plans you can decide to make your tours “public” so that anyone off-site can discover, select and view your tour from the Muzeus app.

What if I only want my tour available on-site?

By keeping your tour "private" users will have to scan the Muzeus QR code on-site at your institution to access your tour.

If I already have an audio tour, can I integrate it into Muzeus?

Yes, you can reuse your existing voice over to create a tour on Muzeus. You will need the Pro plan in order to use your own audio files.

Will my tour work on new iOS and Android versions?

Muzeus is always up to date and will continue to work regardless of iOS and Android releases

Are there any other fees?

No. The monthly fee is your only expense.

Who owns the copyright for my tour?

You keep all the rights on your tours’ contents (text and media) but the app itselfis proprietary and is owned by Muzeus.