Red Ribbon Round It - in the Permanent Exhibit on the second floor

Red Ribbon Round It is an interventionist exhibition created to encourage respectful contemplation and to raise questions which may not be considered without an informed context of the Canadian narrative and the policy which opened the way for European exploration and resource extraction in the local area and across Turtle Island. 

The Red Ribbon Round It exhibition gives a visual perspective on the far-reaching effects of Canada’s Indian Act policy and the role it plays—past and present—in all Canadians lives today. 

The hope is to offer an opportunity for all community members to contemplate all that they have been previously taught about local history in relation to Indigenous communities from the Kootenay region and to reexamine, or perhaps, unlearn, certain elements.

Through “gift wrapping” the museum exhibition in 2020 (and here virtually), we create a visual connection which illuminates the role that the Indian Act policy played in the removal of Indigenous peoples from the local landscape so that Europeans might gain access to the places of significant cultural importance to the local Nations: the Sinixt, the Sylix, Ktunaxa , Yaquan Nukiy, and the Métis people. 

All My Relations 

Museum Educator 

Lesley Garlow, Oshweken, Haudenaousnee, Cayuga, Turtle Clan 



This tour contains information that can be disturbing and unsettling. We encourage you to reach out for support if needed. 

Indian Residential School Survivors Network

Mental Health Support 



For more information: 

Justice Laws Website

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

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